Places I want to visit

If it were up to me, I would want to visit every nook and corner of the world. But we all know that with our busy lives, we just don’t have time to do that. So on this page I make a list of places that I would want to visit in this lifetime. It might change from time to time, might get shorter or longer….


New Zealand

The Atlantic highway, Norway

Machu Picchu, Peru

Taj Mahal, India (I can’t believe I haven’t been here yet!)

The whole of Europe




4 thoughts on “Places I want to visit

  1. Hi Ash, For me it would be to travel all throughout this big island of ours called Australia (tho have experienced, I use that word wisely, a big chunk of it already). Such diverse climates and so diverse country, and the people change too, accordingly! Weird I know. Weather does weird things to you. Also on my bucket list are Lord Hoew Island, New Zealand, Patagonia, Machu Picchu, All of Italy and France, and so on. Enough to keep me busy for the rest of this short life! Ha! 🤓
    PS: I love your sense of humour, your blog themes and drawing talent.

    • Australia and New Zealand! How did I not put them on the list! They are going on the list right now 🙂
      If I get a chance, I want to go on a road trip across Australia, and see the HUGE spiders that Australia is so famous for (I’m assuming internet isn’t lying about them). We don’t see enough spiders here, I’m craving for some spider viewing, I really want to get scared and scream! 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Comments like these make my day 🙂

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