New tiny little friend…

Have you ever flipped through pages and pages of felt craft books and never could decide on what to make? Well, I had the same problem when I borrowed The Cuter Book from the library. Every little thing in there was beautiful…

After hours of ‘flipping’ I finally decided to make the Panda.


It insisted on clicking more pictures,


The ‘I can stand on one leg’ pose.


The ‘ I can climb’ pose,


Well, it didn’t stop at that, I had to click a lot more pictures 🙂

I’ll be back here soon with one more guy that I managed to stitch……………


A turtle and an owl can be best friends too!

Quilting requires a lot of work! I tend to take break from heavy projects by working on smaller ones.

Mr turtle or Andy as we lovingly call him was born one day because my husband (Mr A) complained that he didn’t have anyone to listen to his computer-science/programming problems! (I do listen, but…..he needed a better audience 🙂  )


When Mr A is at work, Andy roams around the house, at his own pace.




Since Andy started getting lonely at home, I made him something from scrap fabric to keep him company. Andy loves hanging out with Mr owl when he is not busy listening  to Mr A!




Mr A hates Mr Owl, he says his eyes are scary!!!

IMG_1098 IMG_1093



8000 miles away!

I moved… and it wasn’t a small one, I moved 8000 miles away from home !! 🙂

The picturesque Seattle is my new home 🙂


I love this place, its just too beautiful… Guess I landed here at the perfect time of the year, fall colors everywhere! Never seen such a sight before! ( The place where I lived earlier didn’t have a so-called WINTER, temperatures never went below 18 C ) Coping with the low temperatures is a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I’m quite enjoying the cold weather too 🙂

The cold weather is a great motivation to knit.. When you know you are going to use the things, you get inspired to knit! I still have to search for yarn stores around here, but I guess I won’t have trouble finding one….

Meanwhile, before I flew to the US, I finished off few pending projects…

This doily is worked with crochet thread and the pattern was taken from a japanese design book (I don’t know the name of the book , its in japanese! ) I have used 2 colors, cream and wine red… After few motifs, I decided to reverse the color while working the rows..This is how it looks:






I have a little cousin who keeps catching cold all the time.. On his mom’s request, I make him a cozy skull cap.. Its a basic hat pattern and took very little time to finish.







After knitting and crochet , it was sewing time!!

I could only sew this pathetic looking thing called a pouch!!



That’s a pocket that I tried to sew.. I couldn’t even cut the fabric in a straight line!


There is the pocket…The pocket comes on the inside of the pouch…

Thats all for now… cya