A bright sunny day!

Seattle’s been pretty dull lately, filled with rainy days. Today, all of a sudden the weather is amazing.

The last time it was sunny, we went to the Kerry park.  To my disappointment, It wasn’t much of a park. But it had an amazing view of Seattle with snow covered Mt Rainier in the background. There were flowers everywhere and the place was spectacular.








I hope you guys are having a bright and colorful spring  🙂


Yesterday was an absolutely amazing sunny day. I took a trip to a nearby lake, took some pictures..Had to return after a while because it started getting quite cold..

Here it is, the beautiful lake union,shimmering in sunlight 🙂


Untitled4 Untitled Untitled3

I could just cover 5% of this beautiful place…Will go there again, some day..

When I’m not roaming around clicking pictures, I’m working on my crochet blanket and teaching myself to work with pastels. Need to work a lot on learning to blend the colors.. The edges are still sharp..


I wasn’t too happy with the light purple block.. So, I changed the pattern to granny square and added a bit green to it.. When I lay it down on the floor, I felt I should have added white instead. But its too late now, I have finished all 8 blocks and that’s too much of work.


Few weeks back I found out Seattle had a library..So, I got myself a library card!!:) I love books..This library has a very good collection of books on art and crafts too!


That’s my library card, isn’t that cute?  They had lots of designs, I just loved this one.. I guess its probably meant for young members 🙂


I just can’t wait to finish these and rush back to the library to get more awesome books 🙂

Space Needle

My favorite building in Seattle – The Space Needle… You can see it from almost everywhere in Seattle… I have a beautiful view from my apartment and I never get tired of looking at it or clicking pictures of it.. .Call me crazy if you want, but I’m truly in love with it :P.

Space needle resembles the buildings in science fiction movies and cartoons set in 2050. Looks like an alien space shuttle parked on a huge pole 🙂

For anybody who hasn’t heard about it, here’s the wiki link :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Needle

Here’s a picture of it when the visibility was very low:


This time, much clearer:


The SN looked amazing when they fired fireworks on Jan 1st to celebrate the New year.

I couldn’t think of a better subject for my next watercolor experiment ..SO, here it is, Space needle in watercolor (my version)  .. 🙂