Sometimes it’s good to have only a few options.

I just got back from grocery shopping, and thats what I feel right now.

Choices, when offered, tends to make a person like me pretty confused. Even after I choose something, there is always the feeling of ” maybe the other choice was better”. And thus the confusion continues.

I had this revelation while hunting for a box of band-aids! After surviving N number of choices, making decisions in the dairy aisle, cereal aisle, fresh fruits aisle and many more, I finally reached the first-aid aisle. I thought it would be easy, after all how many options can you have in a band-aid. But boy, was I wrong! The whole aisle was filled with around 70 different types of band-aids! And each one was different from the other by a minute detail ! And top of that there were so many brands, same features with price difference.

Well, I spent 20 minutes in front of that aisle before deciding what to buy. And I hope I got the right one!

Have you ever felt that you have too many options around you?