I wish…

I wish I could go out for a drive right now. Have coffee in a small coffee shop, somewhere far away. Find a lake, sit on a bench and stare at the ripples in the water.

Hmmmm…. Wishes……

I cast on my waiting for spring sweater today. Since I just finished a sweater with Wool-ease, I decided to use Lion brand Heartland instead. Joann had a sale on Heartland yarn and I thought it would be a perfect time to cast on!

I have been working on yarns from Joann and Michaels and have been looking for a change. I even tried visiting the local yarn shops, but they were pretty expensive. Recently I found out that I could order DROPS from a store in CA called Nordic Mart. I ordered few skeins of Drops loves you 4 in bright orange! I plan to make a Lempster after I finish the sweater that I just started.

Meanwhile, I finished and washed my GAP-tastic cowl.





No, I don’t have a cat, and its not called Molly ( though I would love to someday).

I wasn’t a cat lover. I found the young ones cute, but thats it. That is, until I met my husband. He loves cats, not just because they are cute, but because they are SMART ! He made me change the way I look at cats 🙂 And now, I like cats. 🙂

I have no idea why I’m talking about cats as this post has nothing to do with them!

My Molly is a beanie ! Yep, the one you wear on your head !


I used Bernat Satin Ombres in Plum Mist Heather . I love the color. Its a bit darker than the picture, Seattle was exceptionally sunny that day!


I will never change…..

Yep, I am what I used to be.

Never going to change.

I promise to keep my blog updated, but I never do!

Well, I’ve been busy, you see…

I got into a Grad school!! YAY!!!! (I’m all excited to go to school again!)

I’m knitting my first sweater. And so far its come out perfect! YAY!! (I’m all excited to be finally able to knit a garment! )

I’m working on getting my Driver’s license. YAY!! ( Thanks to the trip to California, I realized the importance of ability to drive in this country! )

Since I’ll be moving to a ‘colder’ place this fall for my Master’s, I have decided to knit as many warm clothes/accessories as possible. And this is the first completed item from my list – Cowl

I wouldn’t say I chose that color because I love it, but rather, my hands were itching to take up a project and trip to the yarn store was not possible at that hour ( There you go ! disadvantages of not being able to drive! ) So, this was the only color I could work with.

What I love about it ?

Its warm. I’m sure it will be used well.

Fits perfectly without irritating my skin. ( I can never wear turtle necks as it feels really uncomfortable around the neck.)

And, the pattern was fun to make. Who doesn’t love cables!



Knitted scrap blanket

My fascination with blankets is growing day by day.. I have a lot of yarn left from my previous projects and I can’t make anything out of them..I have seen a lot of posts on the internet about making a blanket out of scrap yarn, which is also a best way to learn new stitches.

So, here are the blocks that I have been working on..Its great that I learn so many new stitches, and I finish the block even before I get tired of the pattern! I’m making cable swatches at the moment, patterns are taken from Vogue stitching dictionary -cables.

What a great way to make use of your leftover yarn!

IMG_0946 IMG_0948

Stitch markers

You are about to start the design part on your hat, and you can’t find your stitch markers/knitting markers… You know you had them somewhere, but you can’t remember where! You can’t go to a store and buy some as the weather is nasty and the store is quite far off.. You don’t wan’t to order online as you don’t want to wait 2-3 days for them to arrive.. And the knitting is getting so interesting that you don’t want to stop and wait till you get your markers..What do you do??

Well, you make some at home!!

Things required:

1. A pair of scissors

2. Wires used in packaging (these wire like things used to hold thicker wires together)


Step 1: Cut the wire.

Step 2: Bend to form a ring.

Step 3: Your marker is ready!

IMG_0984 IMG_0981

What’s on my needle?

Weather in Seattle definitely motivates you to knit something… My crochet blanket is progressing fine, but my fingers have started to trouble me a bit.. I thought its best to take a break before it turns into something serious..

I picked up this pattern from Ravelry.. I have been dreaming of knitting a cable hat for sometime now.. I decided to knit this one ,obviously after hours and hours of browsing through the pattern list..They were all so good, but since I learnt to knit cable just recently, I wanted to pick something simple. This is my first project with cables, hope it turns out fine 🙂

The pattern is called Ashley and can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ashley-5



Coming back to the crochet blanket, I still have to finish about 23 squares..Meanwhile, I changed the pattern for one of the squares as the previous pattern wasn’t quite appealing…

This one:




has been replaced by :


8000 miles away!

I moved… and it wasn’t a small one, I moved 8000 miles away from home !! 🙂

The picturesque Seattle is my new home 🙂


I love this place, its just too beautiful… Guess I landed here at the perfect time of the year, fall colors everywhere! Never seen such a sight before! ( The place where I lived earlier didn’t have a so-called WINTER, temperatures never went below 18 C ) Coping with the low temperatures is a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I’m quite enjoying the cold weather too 🙂

The cold weather is a great motivation to knit.. When you know you are going to use the things, you get inspired to knit! I still have to search for yarn stores around here, but I guess I won’t have trouble finding one….

Meanwhile, before I flew to the US, I finished off few pending projects…

This doily is worked with crochet thread and the pattern was taken from a japanese design book (I don’t know the name of the book , its in japanese! ) I have used 2 colors, cream and wine red… After few motifs, I decided to reverse the color while working the rows..This is how it looks:






I have a little cousin who keeps catching cold all the time.. On his mom’s request, I make him a cozy skull cap.. Its a basic hat pattern and took very little time to finish.







After knitting and crochet , it was sewing time!!

I could only sew this pathetic looking thing called a pouch!!



That’s a pocket that I tried to sew.. I couldn’t even cut the fabric in a straight line!


There is the pocket…The pocket comes on the inside of the pouch…

Thats all for now… cya

I just had to write this post!

Knitting for charity, you have 2 awesome things combined into one!!

I came across this website called http://www.knit-a-square.com/

These guys aim at providing warm blankets to the poor kids in South Africa… All they want from US,  people around the world, is to send them knitted/crocheted squares (8″ or 20cm)..These squares will be then woven by them to form blankets for the poor kids…

The squares can be of any pattern, but they should meet the required measurements…They also collect hats and garments…

Their goal for 2013 as quoted on the website:

We have a lofty goal for 2013:

350,000 knitted and crocheted squares representing 10,000 blankets. 
10,000 hats and 5,000 garments.  “

The website gives all the details.. The instructions for the project can be found here:



Lazy day…..

I haven’t touched my needles today!!!!

I’m bored working on the unfinished things.. I want to start something new!!!

I have some extremely white colored yarn in my yarn stack, maybe I’ll start a toe up socks with the circular needle (we don’t get DPNs in this area and I have left mine back in chennai)

Found this video on youtube, excited to knit socks again 🙂 🙂


Whats on my knitting needle?!!

Well, after finishing the leaf scarf, I noticed that I have this huge amount of yarn still left. I was bored working on the cross stitch project and needed something new to start… And then, I came across this knitting pattern on ravelry!

I had earlier seen this pattern in few japanese books that I borrowed from a friend, and since I don’t understand japanese(or was it chinese!!!),  even after several attempts I could not figure out how to work on this pattern!

Thank you http://www.ravelry.com,  you are awesome!!!! 🙂

This is the link to the pattern:


This scarf needs to be blocked once done.. Without blocking it looks really awful!