I have always been a multi-tasker, I can never concentrate on just one thing at a time.. Maybe its just that we women are meant to be like that, an outcome of evolution!!

At any point of time, I’m always working on at least 2 things…. These are the things I’m currently working on:

I’m knitting something this big for the first time… I have used my own pattern by trial and error method… Hopefully this will turn out to be something worth wearing 😀 … I’ll post the pattern once I complete the pullover..

The unfinished sock

This has been pending for few months now!! Though I finished the first sock in few days, this one seems to be taking ages!!!

The cross stitch tiger which I had posted in my previous post…


” I pronounce you …. Man and Wife”

Doesn’t the title speak for itself?? 🙂

Yep, I’m a married lady now!! 🙂 🙂  Marriage, getting adjusted to the new status change had kept me so busy that I had quite forgotten that I had a blog!

I just happened to be jobless today, so I picked up some unfinished projects… I was working on this pullover before I got married, now  I plan to finish it before I embark my journey to US.

Since I cannot concentrate on a single project at a time (which is the main reason for my N number of unfinished projects!! ), I started working on a cross stitch project… Its basically a picture of a tiger lying on the grass.. Its really testing my patience..I also faced a problem with the color threads. I searched the markets of Chennai and Bangalore for thread number 233 and 234…Apparently, Anchor has stopped these threads, and without these I cannot complete this picture.. 😦  I have been searching everywhere to get a replacement for these colors.

Let me warn you, before you take up a cross stitch project, make sure you are ready to spend a lot of time on it… And it needs so much concentration!!    Well, I’m glad I’m done with 50% of the picture…

Doesn’t he look cute?! I love Tigers!  Hopefully I can finish this soon 🙂