A turtle and an owl can be best friends too!

Quilting requires a lot of work! I tend to take break from heavy projects by working on smaller ones.

Mr turtle or Andy as we lovingly call him was born one day because my husband (Mr A) complained that he didn’t have anyone to listen to his computer-science/programming problems! (I do listen, but…..he needed a better audience 🙂  )


When Mr A is at work, Andy roams around the house, at his own pace.




Since Andy started getting lonely at home, I made him something from scrap fabric to keep him company. Andy loves hanging out with Mr owl when he is not busy listening  to Mr A!




Mr A hates Mr Owl, he says his eyes are scary!!!

IMG_1098 IMG_1093





Yesterday was an absolutely amazing sunny day. I took a trip to a nearby lake, took some pictures..Had to return after a while because it started getting quite cold..

Here it is, the beautiful lake union,shimmering in sunlight 🙂


Untitled4 Untitled Untitled3

I could just cover 5% of this beautiful place…Will go there again, some day..

When I’m not roaming around clicking pictures, I’m working on my crochet blanket and teaching myself to work with pastels. Need to work a lot on learning to blend the colors.. The edges are still sharp..


I wasn’t too happy with the light purple block.. So, I changed the pattern to granny square and added a bit green to it.. When I lay it down on the floor, I felt I should have added white instead. But its too late now, I have finished all 8 blocks and that’s too much of work.


Few weeks back I found out Seattle had a library..So, I got myself a library card!!:) I love books..This library has a very good collection of books on art and crafts too!


That’s my library card, isn’t that cute?  They had lots of designs, I just loved this one.. I guess its probably meant for young members 🙂


I just can’t wait to finish these and rush back to the library to get more awesome books 🙂

What’s on my needle?

Weather in Seattle definitely motivates you to knit something… My crochet blanket is progressing fine, but my fingers have started to trouble me a bit.. I thought its best to take a break before it turns into something serious..

I picked up this pattern from Ravelry.. I have been dreaming of knitting a cable hat for sometime now.. I decided to knit this one ,obviously after hours and hours of browsing through the pattern list..They were all so good, but since I learnt to knit cable just recently, I wanted to pick something simple. This is my first project with cables, hope it turns out fine 🙂

The pattern is called Ashley and can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ashley-5



Coming back to the crochet blanket, I still have to finish about 23 squares..Meanwhile, I changed the pattern for one of the squares as the previous pattern wasn’t quite appealing…

This one:




has been replaced by :


Crocheting is back on my list :)

The winter – cozy up on a sofa with a ball of yarn, and work magic with the needles..

Since its winter, and since I spend most of my time sitting on a sofa!, I decided to work on a new project (yep, I finished a pair of gloves, pictures coming soon)

On my reader, I saw that everyone has been extremely excited and busy knitting or crocheting gifts, or baking. A lot of activities and fun stuff happening around … Well ,its Christmas for most of the people I follow, and they are meant to be busy at this time of the year 🙂 .. But I, on the other hand, have nothing to do!!

So ,to cheer myself up, and to join in the excitement, I decided to make a crochet blanket.




The WIP……..

A closer look at the blocks…………….














The blocks are not blocked yet, so they seem a little messy and twisty…


It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and just WONDERFUL! I wish Seattle had more such days 😦

8000 miles away!

I moved… and it wasn’t a small one, I moved 8000 miles away from home !! 🙂

The picturesque Seattle is my new home 🙂


I love this place, its just too beautiful… Guess I landed here at the perfect time of the year, fall colors everywhere! Never seen such a sight before! ( The place where I lived earlier didn’t have a so-called WINTER, temperatures never went below 18 C ) Coping with the low temperatures is a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I’m quite enjoying the cold weather too 🙂

The cold weather is a great motivation to knit.. When you know you are going to use the things, you get inspired to knit! I still have to search for yarn stores around here, but I guess I won’t have trouble finding one….

Meanwhile, before I flew to the US, I finished off few pending projects…

This doily is worked with crochet thread and the pattern was taken from a japanese design book (I don’t know the name of the book , its in japanese! ) I have used 2 colors, cream and wine red… After few motifs, I decided to reverse the color while working the rows..This is how it looks:






I have a little cousin who keeps catching cold all the time.. On his mom’s request, I make him a cozy skull cap.. Its a basic hat pattern and took very little time to finish.







After knitting and crochet , it was sewing time!!

I could only sew this pathetic looking thing called a pouch!!



That’s a pocket that I tried to sew.. I couldn’t even cut the fabric in a straight line!


There is the pocket…The pocket comes on the inside of the pouch…

Thats all for now… cya

Magic crochet… yep, its Magical!! :)

Crochet thread, .5mm needle, a 1989 ‘magic crochet’ magazine… and the outcome is………



Its being blocked…………

The pattern as I mentioned is taken from an old crochet magazine called magic crochet (I have no idea if they are still available in the market)

Working with the needle was quite a task..

The needle came with a little cap 🙂



The crochet thread…


Look who crawled behind me while I was busy clicking pictures!! 🙂



I bought this during my last visit to the yarn store… I just can’t stop myself from buying yarns!! I see the bright colors, I need to buy them!! Don’t know what I’m gonna do with these.. Have been digging ravelry, but haven’t decided anything so far..  I did have an idea of making a tank or something out of it, but now I feel the colors are too bright for that…

This thing really caught me… We don’t see ladybirds around here, so the question is, Is this a ladybird??


And here is the pattern:










Crochet Amigurumi

After my attempt at amigurumis  ( https://austaash.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/meet-my-kitty/ ), I was determined to make some more!

I love these cute little stuffed animals and crocheting them makes them is fun.. They are easy and it takes very little time to crochet too!! After flipping through the whole book for like 50 times, I finally decided to stick with the turtle…

Since I wanted a really small turtle, I had no choice but to work with crochet threads.. And since I had not much choice with colors, my turtle is yellow and green 🙂  ( heavy rains didn’t allow me to go all the way to the store, and trust me! coastal rains are horrible!!!)

I got my little cousin to model with the turtle 🙂



Lost in the woods!






Basketweave scarf

I made this basketweave scarf for my husband last december…I somehow missed mentioning it on the blog.. Found this picture while cleaning up the picture folder on my laptop…

I have  worked on this scarf with basketweave pattern and is entirely done with crochet hook.The main advantage of this stitch is that it  gives a texture which resembles knitting, and also makes the scarf quite warm!

The yarn used is multicolor Vardhaman threads(which is no longer available in the market)

Instructions can be found here:




Crochet time!

I have been neglecting crochet for sometime now and my crochet needle was not quite happy about it…. Since I don’t like unhappy needles, I decided to do some crochet, finish some unfinished stuff!

And while I was going through stuff, I found these…

Bavarian crochet table topper:

This one is done with a technique called bavarian crochet.. you can make awesome things with this pattern… I plan to do a  shawl sometime in future!

Instructions can be found here    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x745ZeNbVFM&feature=youtu.be

The back:

This is a table topper made with crochet thread in yellow and green. The pattern was taken from a japanese magazine. This magazine had such amazing patterns, I remember having a hard time choosing which ones to do!!

This one is a puff stitch cap/hat .. Look how cozy it is!! Puff stitches are amazing as they give density to the finished product…

Today seems to be like any other day, quite uneventful…. Here I am, relaxing on my bean bag, thinking about so many things I have to tend to…

I have these 200 odd photos on my phone, which are taking up quite an amount of space.. I tried to delete few but each one seemed close to my heart some way or the other and I didn’t have the heart to delete it (I have a copy on my laptop, but still I want it on my phone!!! )… Anyways, I found these pics which I had clicked a long time ago, and let me tell you, I love photopgraphing things… I just have a basic camera now, but I plan to get a high end camera sometime in near future.

Here are the pics:

The view from my apartment.. Twilight!!

Snake that crawled into our backyard…Look at the markings on its skin, Isn’t it beautiful?

My favorite headphones and the wooden bangle that I hand painted….

Roses and Kareena!! Both beautiful!!

Yummy chocolates against yummy crochet! What do I choose?!

Well, thats all I have right now.. I also found few pictures of crochet in there:

A sock in progress!

Crochet table top which is still in progress……….

A basket weave scarf