Testing manga skills on iDraw

Ever since Adobe illustrator became too expensive for me, there has been a void in my life. (Had to use the big words – void and life.)

iDraw has an interface a lot more like illustrator, making it easier to adapt. So I tried drawing manga characters using iDraw (as you can see, I’m terrible at drawing).


I learnt how to draw this from this

iDraw definitely lacks a lot when compared to illustrator.

I miss you Illustrator. I think I’ll have to come up with a plan to convince my husband into buying me an Adobe subscription. Trust me, it won’t be that easy :/

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying out Inkscape. It’s an open source software (meaning it’s free), and is meant to be an alternative to illustrator. If anybody is interested in Inkscape, you can find it here. If you are installing it on Mac, make sure you install XQuartz first (the link has the details). Inkscape is pretty well known, you can find plenty of video tutorials on Youtube.

I guess my next post will be about Inkscape and more terrible sketches to sore your eyes out 🙂


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