Space Needle

My favorite building in Seattle – The Space Needle… You can see it from almost everywhere in Seattle… I have a beautiful view from my apartment and I never get tired of looking at it or clicking pictures of it.. .Call me crazy if you want, but I’m truly in love with it :P.

Space needle resembles the buildings in science fiction movies and cartoons set in 2050. Looks like an alien space shuttle parked on a huge pole 🙂

For anybody who hasn’t heard about it, here’s the wiki link :

Here’s a picture of it when the visibility was very low:


This time, much clearer:


The SN looked amazing when they fired fireworks on Jan 1st to celebrate the New year.

I couldn’t think of a better subject for my next watercolor experiment ..SO, here it is, Space needle in watercolor (my version)  .. 🙂