Ever since I moved to my new home, all  I have been doing is order things online!

Back home I had a huge collection of yarns, needles, colors of various types -acrylic,watercolor,poster color,crayons, oil paints, oil pastels,metallic colors,3D tubes,mediums, paint brushes, drawing and painting sheets, charcoal pastels/pencils,crochet needles and much more…

Since there is a weight limit on the luggage, I had to leave all those things behind 😦 😦

So, what would a person staying all day at home,in a new town, who had earlier been crafty ,Do? Yeah, that’s what I have been doing so far…

Seeing the beautiful scenes outside my window , I was tempted to paint.. So I ordered these oil pastels and watercolor.. It took me ages to select as I have no idea what brands are actually considered good here.. It’ll take a pretty long time to figure out which ones are really good..So, for now, I guess I’ll have to work with the ones that I have ….

I ordered these Reeves watercolor tubes on amazon.com..

The colors are not that great for the price..I guess its ok for kids, but I guess its toxic, so thats a no no…

I did this trial painting (copied a picture from a pencil shading book)… The colors are too bright, it was difficult to blend… In short, don’t like this brand so much..

Its a 18 color set…

This could definitely have been better… Now that I know the colors, I can hope to make my next paintings better…


I also got these Oil Pastels from Pro Art.. I haven’t got a chance to test them yet, but they seem to be pretty good.. Hopefully I won;t be disappointed…








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