8000 miles away!

I moved… and it wasn’t a small one, I moved 8000 miles away from home !! 🙂

The picturesque Seattle is my new home 🙂


I love this place, its just too beautiful… Guess I landed here at the perfect time of the year, fall colors everywhere! Never seen such a sight before! ( The place where I lived earlier didn’t have a so-called WINTER, temperatures never went below 18 C ) Coping with the low temperatures is a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I’m quite enjoying the cold weather too 🙂

The cold weather is a great motivation to knit.. When you know you are going to use the things, you get inspired to knit! I still have to search for yarn stores around here, but I guess I won’t have trouble finding one….

Meanwhile, before I flew to the US, I finished off few pending projects…

This doily is worked with crochet thread and the pattern was taken from a japanese design book (I don’t know the name of the book , its in japanese! ) I have used 2 colors, cream and wine red… After few motifs, I decided to reverse the color while working the rows..This is how it looks:






I have a little cousin who keeps catching cold all the time.. On his mom’s request, I make him a cozy skull cap.. Its a basic hat pattern and took very little time to finish.







After knitting and crochet , it was sewing time!!

I could only sew this pathetic looking thing called a pouch!!



That’s a pocket that I tried to sew.. I couldn’t even cut the fabric in a straight line!


There is the pocket…The pocket comes on the inside of the pouch…

Thats all for now… cya


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