This is something I absolutely love to do!!

Ribbon embroidery:
Everybody would have admired RE at one point or the another.. I consider RE as one of the most amazing nd beautiful form of embroidery!! It has been my dream for a long time now to do some ribbon embroidery…But I have always had one problem – I can’t find a needle to work with!! The ribbon needs a needle with a huge eye and I neverseem to find it!!
Last week I finally found a needle which I thought I could use.. So I just drew a simple design and tried the RE !! Since it looked boring , I added some details in thread embroidery to make it look a little better..

I just learnt the following from this experiment:
1.Ribbon should be thinner
2.The cloth used used should be thicker
3.The needle I used was not meant for RE as it was not penentrating the ribbon so easily,always use the needle meant for RE!
4.You need a lot of practice to master RE! its not easy at all!!!


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