I just had to write this post!

Knitting for charity, you have 2 awesome things combined into one!!

I came across this website called http://www.knit-a-square.com/

These guys aim at providing warm blankets to the poor kids in South Africa… All they want from US,  people around the world, is to send them knitted/crocheted squares (8″ or 20cm)..These squares will be then woven by them to form blankets for the poor kids…

The squares can be of any pattern, but they should meet the required measurements…They also collect hats and garments…

Their goal for 2013 as quoted on the website:

We have a lofty goal for 2013:

350,000 knitted and crocheted squares representing 10,000 blankets. 
10,000 hats and 5,000 garments.  “

The website gives all the details.. The instructions for the project can be found here:




Lazy day…..

I haven’t touched my needles today!!!!

I’m bored working on the unfinished things.. I want to start something new!!!

I have some extremely white colored yarn in my yarn stack, maybe I’ll start a toe up socks with the circular needle (we don’t get DPNs in this area and I have left mine back in chennai)

Found this video on youtube, excited to knit socks again 🙂 🙂


Magic crochet… yep, its Magical!! :)

Crochet thread, .5mm needle, a 1989 ‘magic crochet’ magazine… and the outcome is………



Its being blocked…………

The pattern as I mentioned is taken from an old crochet magazine called magic crochet (I have no idea if they are still available in the market)

Working with the needle was quite a task..

The needle came with a little cap 🙂



The crochet thread…


Look who crawled behind me while I was busy clicking pictures!! 🙂



I bought this during my last visit to the yarn store… I just can’t stop myself from buying yarns!! I see the bright colors, I need to buy them!! Don’t know what I’m gonna do with these.. Have been digging ravelry, but haven’t decided anything so far..  I did have an idea of making a tank or something out of it, but now I feel the colors are too bright for that…

This thing really caught me… We don’t see ladybirds around here, so the question is, Is this a ladybird??


And here is the pattern:










Crochet Amigurumi

After my attempt at amigurumis  ( https://austaash.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/meet-my-kitty/ ), I was determined to make some more!

I love these cute little stuffed animals and crocheting them makes them is fun.. They are easy and it takes very little time to crochet too!! After flipping through the whole book for like 50 times, I finally decided to stick with the turtle…

Since I wanted a really small turtle, I had no choice but to work with crochet threads.. And since I had not much choice with colors, my turtle is yellow and green 🙂  ( heavy rains didn’t allow me to go all the way to the store, and trust me! coastal rains are horrible!!!)

I got my little cousin to model with the turtle 🙂



Lost in the woods!






Whats on my knitting needle?!!

Well, after finishing the leaf scarf, I noticed that I have this huge amount of yarn still left. I was bored working on the cross stitch project and needed something new to start… And then, I came across this knitting pattern on ravelry!

I had earlier seen this pattern in few japanese books that I borrowed from a friend, and since I don’t understand japanese(or was it chinese!!!),  even after several attempts I could not figure out how to work on this pattern!

Thank you http://www.ravelry.com,  you are awesome!!!! 🙂

This is the link to the pattern:


This scarf needs to be blocked once done.. Without blocking it looks really awful!





Basketweave scarf

I made this basketweave scarf for my husband last december…I somehow missed mentioning it on the blog.. Found this picture while cleaning up the picture folder on my laptop…

I have  worked on this scarf with basketweave pattern and is entirely done with crochet hook.The main advantage of this stitch is that it  gives a texture which resembles knitting, and also makes the scarf quite warm!

The yarn used is multicolor Vardhaman threads(which is no longer available in the market)

Instructions can be found here:




Crochet time!

I have been neglecting crochet for sometime now and my crochet needle was not quite happy about it…. Since I don’t like unhappy needles, I decided to do some crochet, finish some unfinished stuff!

And while I was going through stuff, I found these…

Bavarian crochet table topper:

This one is done with a technique called bavarian crochet.. you can make awesome things with this pattern… I plan to do a  shawl sometime in future!

Instructions can be found here    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x745ZeNbVFM&feature=youtu.be

The back:

This is a table topper made with crochet thread in yellow and green. The pattern was taken from a japanese magazine. This magazine had such amazing patterns, I remember having a hard time choosing which ones to do!!

This one is a puff stitch cap/hat .. Look how cozy it is!! Puff stitches are amazing as they give density to the finished product…

This is something I absolutely love to do!!

Ribbon embroidery:
Everybody would have admired RE at one point or the another.. I consider RE as one of the most amazing nd beautiful form of embroidery!! It has been my dream for a long time now to do some ribbon embroidery…But I have always had one problem – I can’t find a needle to work with!! The ribbon needs a needle with a huge eye and I neverseem to find it!!
Last week I finally found a needle which I thought I could use.. So I just drew a simple design and tried the RE !! Since it looked boring , I added some details in thread embroidery to make it look a little better..

I just learnt the following from this experiment:
1.Ribbon should be thinner
2.The cloth used used should be thicker
3.The needle I used was not meant for RE as it was not penentrating the ribbon so easily,always use the needle meant for RE!
4.You need a lot of practice to master RE! its not easy at all!!!

Thank you cards…

I made these cute tiny thank you cards for my cousin’s birthday party!
I have used fabric/acrylic paint as it gives a different texture and extra dark color.. I love the effect it creates on paper!
Note that I have used very simple designs, but colored it bright to make the card look nice.
We could make such cards with many more designs like a christmas tree, fish, lips(romantic cards), cute birds etc etc ..









This one is made using acrylic/fabric paint on paper