Today seems to be like any other day, quite uneventful…. Here I am, relaxing on my bean bag, thinking about so many things I have to tend to…

I have these 200 odd photos on my phone, which are taking up quite an amount of space.. I tried to delete few but each one seemed close to my heart some way or the other and I didn’t have the heart to delete it (I have a copy on my laptop, but still I want it on my phone!!! )… Anyways, I found these pics which I had clicked a long time ago, and let me tell you, I love photopgraphing things… I just have a basic camera now, but I plan to get a high end camera sometime in near future.

Here are the pics:

The view from my apartment.. Twilight!!

Snake that crawled into our backyard…Look at the markings on its skin, Isn’t it beautiful?

My favorite headphones and the wooden bangle that I hand painted….

Roses and Kareena!! Both beautiful!!

Yummy chocolates against yummy crochet! What do I choose?!

Well, thats all I have right now.. I also found few pictures of crochet in there:

A sock in progress!

Crochet table top which is still in progress……….

A basket weave scarf


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  1. I feel the same! I have so many on my phone, and even though I put all of them on my HDD.. i just want to have them on my phone too!

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