This sunday I suddenly felt like doing something with paper and paint… Few weeks back, MISTER MAKER, which airs on ceebeebies showed how to make a tribal headdress using paper and feathers.. I thought of making the same thing, with paper feathers..

First I took some thin(which I found out later to be a wrong choice), white paper… I drew basic feather shapes in different sizes. Then I painted them in different colors, I even used some metallic colors!

Later I cut each feather out and made slits on the edges to give it a feathery feel..

Then I cut a long strip of thick paper(this will be the headband)..I started sticking the feathers onto it ensuring the smaller ones are stck first and later the longer ones.By doing so, we can make sure that all the feathers are visible..
Make sure to arrange the feathers in a way that the same colored ones are not together..

Then this was left to dry for sometime.. Meanwhile, I took the measurement of my cousin’s head.Once the headband was completely dry, I stapled it in round shape so that it fits my cousin’s head…

My little cousin all happy with his new headdress 🙂

Since I was feeling so craft, I decided to make something else as well..Christmas tree seemed like a good idea!!

I took thick paper and cut a semicircle out of it.. I rolled the cut paper and glued the ends to form a cone.. Next I painted it green to match my leaves (you can use green thick paper tomake the cone if you don’t want to paint it!)

Next I took a ticker paper and cut out 2 smaller circles(this should be smaller than the base of the cone) I then cut a rectangular shape, rolled it and glued the ends to make a cylinder (this will be our stem) Next, glue the ends of the cylinder onto the circles,paint it brown to resemble a stem…We will mount the tree onto this once it is completed…This will ensure the tree stands properly.


Coming back to the cone.. CUt long strips of paper, of 2-4 inches,and paint them green (you can use green paper if you dont wanna paint).. Now cut thin stripes on the strip, make sure to leave a little space on top..

Start glueing the strips onto the cone, start from the bottom, going in rounds..Once the first round completes, arrange and glue the next round so as to overlap the previous round..Continue till the top of the cone.

Take a small strip of the paper(which has already been cut into stripes) and roll it into a cone and stick it on the top of the cone..your christmas tree is ready!!!

You can then decorate your tree by adding a star on top, or running a colored thread or shiny thread around it!!!


I have always been a multi-tasker, I can never concentrate on just one thing at a time.. Maybe its just that we women are meant to be like that, an outcome of evolution!!

At any point of time, I’m always working on at least 2 things…. These are the things I’m currently working on:

I’m knitting something this big for the first time… I have used my own pattern by trial and error method… Hopefully this will turn out to be something worth wearing 😀 … I’ll post the pattern once I complete the pullover..

The unfinished sock

This has been pending for few months now!! Though I finished the first sock in few days, this one seems to be taking ages!!!

The cross stitch tiger which I had posted in my previous post…

Today seems to be like any other day, quite uneventful…. Here I am, relaxing on my bean bag, thinking about so many things I have to tend to…

I have these 200 odd photos on my phone, which are taking up quite an amount of space.. I tried to delete few but each one seemed close to my heart some way or the other and I didn’t have the heart to delete it (I have a copy on my laptop, but still I want it on my phone!!! )… Anyways, I found these pics which I had clicked a long time ago, and let me tell you, I love photopgraphing things… I just have a basic camera now, but I plan to get a high end camera sometime in near future.

Here are the pics:

The view from my apartment.. Twilight!!

Snake that crawled into our backyard…Look at the markings on its skin, Isn’t it beautiful?

My favorite headphones and the wooden bangle that I hand painted….

Roses and Kareena!! Both beautiful!!

Yummy chocolates against yummy crochet! What do I choose?!

Well, thats all I have right now.. I also found few pictures of crochet in there:

A sock in progress!

Crochet table top which is still in progress……….

A basket weave scarf

” I pronounce you …. Man and Wife”

Doesn’t the title speak for itself?? 🙂

Yep, I’m a married lady now!! 🙂 🙂  Marriage, getting adjusted to the new status change had kept me so busy that I had quite forgotten that I had a blog!

I just happened to be jobless today, so I picked up some unfinished projects… I was working on this pullover before I got married, now  I plan to finish it before I embark my journey to US.

Since I cannot concentrate on a single project at a time (which is the main reason for my N number of unfinished projects!! ), I started working on a cross stitch project… Its basically a picture of a tiger lying on the grass.. Its really testing my patience..I also faced a problem with the color threads. I searched the markets of Chennai and Bangalore for thread number 233 and 234…Apparently, Anchor has stopped these threads, and without these I cannot complete this picture.. 😦  I have been searching everywhere to get a replacement for these colors.

Let me warn you, before you take up a cross stitch project, make sure you are ready to spend a lot of time on it… And it needs so much concentration!!    Well, I’m glad I’m done with 50% of the picture…

Doesn’t he look cute?! I love Tigers!  Hopefully I can finish this soon 🙂