Knitting project 2 : a skull cap!!

Since I’m so addicted to knitting now, once I was done with the scarf , I wanted to start knitting something immediately. I was bored with straight knitting, so I tought of knitting something in round.. The first thing I thought of was a tank! but realised its a lot more effort and definitely not something that I want to try as my 1st circular knitting project! So I pick the next best thing, a HAT!!

Now, I have a circular knitting needle , with 75cm string.. While reading patterns on the net, I find I would require a much smaller C needle.. I roam around Bangalore, search every corner of the city, but apparently we don’t get circular needles which are lesser in length than 75cm!! can you believe that!!!  I was heartbroken! I surfed the web to find if I can order something online, locally, but found nothing! Then I finally decided to knit the hat with DPNs!! Now, let me tell you, I hae never worked with DPNs before, and I have never seen anybody knit a hat with DPNs. So I start checking on net,youtube to see if hats can be knit with DPNs… I realise the circular needle and the DPNs have the same logic, they make the end project circular! So I start knitting my hat with DPNs 2.25mm , 23cm…

I work initially a 2by2 rib, then switch to a 1by1 rib.. then knit all rounds untill I begin to decrease..The pattern is all mine and the decreases were done depending on my head size.. I wish I could have made the hat a bit much longer so that they could cover my ears, but I didnt realize this while I was working on the hat.. My next hat will definitely be much better and longer!! 🙂

Note – there is something wrong with the colors here, its supposed to be a shade of blue…


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