The knitted Scarf is finally here…….and so is the knitting book!!

I recently ordered a knitting book on Flipkart , and it finally arrived… The book is titled Celebrity Slouchy Beanies, and has around 7 patterns of beanies to knit…  The pattern seems simple and easy to follow, but there are few things we might have to figure out ourselves… I plan to knit the purple one featured on the back of the book(pic attached below), but that will have to wait….But the most important thing , the book was a bit expensive (by Indian terms).. Its notebook sized, just has 36 pages and costs 196 rupees !!! 🙂



I went to the yarn market the other day (called Raja market) and bought these beautiful pink babies… I’m wondering what can I knit with these? A tank top????


I’m finally posting the pics of my finished scarf, my first real knitting project!



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