Blogging from my phone !

The title says it all! Found this awesome app for wordpress on android market, now I can blog from anywhere I want ! ūüôā


Knitting magazines around the globe…

I have been working on this for quite sometime now, trying to collect information about the knitting magazines available across the continents.. I have collected few magazine names, but I’m quite sure there are lots more to be found..

Special thanks to Google translate for helping me find the language of these magazines and helping me convert the complicated ‚Äėunknown language‚Äô websites into simple english :)

Note :

1.I have not gone deep into Asian magazines.. Japanese and chinese have a lot of knitting magazines, but its very difficult to track them.. I have included a few known ones in the list..

2.Tejer La Moda and Phildar are my favorite mags, the patterns are very stylish!

3. allows you to download patterns from back issues for free.. ūüôā

4.This list might be updated from time to time as I have hopes that there are lot more to be discovered!!

5. You think I missed something? (which I sure did!!), please comment , I’d be happy to add it to my list ūüôā

Name Website
anna burda
Beauty Mrs
Burda Tricot
Cast On
creative knitting
Debbie bliss
interweave knits
Knit & Mode(Russian)
Knit it!
Knit n style
Knit Net
knit simple
Knit world
Knitting Noro
knitting traditions
Layette(french) Not found(this basically contains knitting patterns for babies/young ones)
Let’s knit (Japanese)
Linea Rossa (Italian)
Love of Knitting
Norah Gaughan
point au tricot(french)
punto y moda(Italian)
simply knitting
Special twenty
Tejer la Moda(spanish)


The knitter
Verena(German and English)
vogue knitting
Yarn forward
Your Knitting Life
–Ė—É—Ä–Ĺ–į–Ľ –ľ–ĺ–ī (shoot)
–ė—Ä—ć–Ĺ (Irene)
–ö—Ā—é—ą–į (Xenia)


I’m so proud to annonce that I have finally finished one sock! (the other sock is still pending, so I cannot wear it and show off !!)..

Sock knitting sounds so complicated at first, but once you finish your first sock, it seems so simple.. I guess I’ll start designing my own patterns pretty soon!!

I just got some free time over this week to go through my craft box.. I found these unfinished projects:

Things in progress:

1. Pinapple doily (thread crochet) -96% complete
2. Embroidery on salway kameez – 90% complete
3. Crochet table mat – 50% complete

Once I complete the other sock ,I’m planning to take up these projects…No point in leaving them unfinished!


Knitting project 2 : a skull cap!!

Since I’m so addicted to knitting now, once I was done with the scarf , I wanted to start knitting something immediately. I was bored with straight knitting, so I tought of knitting something in round.. The first thing I thought of was a tank! but realised its a lot more effort and definitely not something that I want to try as my 1st circular knitting project! So I pick the next best thing, a HAT!!

Now, I have a circular knitting needle , with 75cm string.. While reading patterns on the net, I find I would require a much smaller C needle.. I roam around Bangalore,¬†search¬†every corner of the city, but apparently we don’t get circular needles which are lesser in length than 75cm!! can you believe that!!!¬† I was heartbroken! I surfed the web to find if I can order something online, locally, but found nothing! Then I finally decided to knit the hat with DPNs!! Now, let me tell you, I hae never worked with DPNs¬†before, and I have never seen anybody knit a hat with DPNs. So¬†I start checking on net,youtube¬†to see if hats can be knit with DPNs… I realise the circular needle¬†and the DPNs¬†have the same logic, they make the end project circular! So I start knitting my hat with DPNs 2.25mm , 23cm…

I work initially a 2by2¬†rib, then switch to a 1by1¬†rib.. then knit all rounds untill I begin to decrease..The pattern is all mine and the decreases were done depending on my head size.. I wish I could have made the hat a bit much longer so that they could cover my ears, but I didnt realize this while I was working on the hat.. My next hat will definitely be much better and longer!! ūüôā

Note – there is something wrong with the colors here, its supposed to be a shade of blue…

The knitted Scarf is finally here…….and so is the knitting book!!

I recently ordered a knitting book on Flipkart , and it finally arrived… The book is titled Celebrity Slouchy Beanies, and has around 7 patterns of¬†beanies to knit…¬† The pattern seems simple and easy to follow, but there are few things we might have to figure out ourselves… I plan to knit the purple one featured¬†on the back of the book(pic attached below), but that will have to wait….But the most important thing , the book was a bit expensive (by Indian terms).. Its notebook sized, just has 36 pages and costs 196 rupees !!! ūüôā



I went to the yarn market the other day (called Raja market) and bought these beautiful pink babies… I’m wondering what can I knit with these? A tank top????


I’m finally posting the pics of my finished scarf, my first real knitting project!