14th April, Summer in India!

I’m done with my leaves pattern scarf, I just need to block it.. Will be soon posting pictures of before and after blocking (I have never tried blocking before and hopefully the scarf doesn’t get ruined)…

Since I have very limited knowledge on knitting, I was very confused as how should I be ending the scarf!! and then this video came to my rescue!


Can you believe it, I didn’t know the simple process called binding off!!! Silly me! 

Yesterday was an eventful day..  I went to the yarn market with my brother in the hot Indian afternoon (since it was my b’day, my brother agreed to come, he hates such places!! :)) … I got 2 varieties of multi colored yarns(I don’t know what they are called, even the person in the store didnt know what its called!!) and one variety of almost grey soft yarn.. I plan to knit socks with the multicolored ones and a hat/skull cap for my brother with the single colored yarn (my brother was very happy to know that I could knit caps, he loves wearing those men caps!!) …I also bought a roll of double colored crochet thread, this is for a doily that was unfinished as I had run out of thread. I plan to finish it off soon….

Felt too lazy to click any pictures today, will post the pictures soon.


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