The Loooooooooooo………nnnnggg weekend!

This was a looong weekend because of Easter!! Though its not our festival, we had a holiday on friday and monday…. Did some shopping on Friday, met my brother on saturday, did some crochet on sunday and some knitting on Monday!!! Yeah! Im back to knitting ! I want to finish that scarf that I started few months can find the original post here —

I’m done with almost 3/4th of the scarf.. I got bored with the leaves pattern at some point and decided to make some modification… I have now done a few rows of garter stitch and then few rows of alternating knit and purl to give it a clean design… Im planning to continue for few more rows and then start the leaf pattern again, thus ensuring the other 1/4th doesnt look out of the way..

The pattern hasn’t come out as neat as expected.. I believe my greatest mistake was using a multi colored yarn, this pattern looks best on a single color yarn!



This is the yarn that I used:



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