Old memories

When I was back at home, browsing through the old trunk(big box with a lid) filled with stuff from my earlier days, I found a lot of crochet work, some of them unfinished.

With my mom’s shouting fading in the background “don’t start throwing those things away around the room, I want this room neat and clean , blah blah blah…….”, I started clicking pictures of things I had done almost a decade ago….

And hey you people out there who are interested in crochet and are looking out for free crochet patterns and tutorials, this website is an excellent place,its worth a visit ——-http://www.mypicot.com/

This was supposed to be done in green and red threads, but since I was too lazy to go to the store, I used wool in a boring color:


its basically a rose pattern surrounded by green leaves… I ran into this design somewhere on the internet, sadly I don’t have the link to it anymore..




 A pineapple doily:

A hand bag:

A scarf pattern:

This one is done by joining the motifs:


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