Vinod ji’s last working day at office!!

Well, change is a natural process, people come, people go… It was the last working day of one my colleagues here at office.. I made a card for him and got the whole team to write something in it..


It was already 930 in the night when I decided to make this card…First, my mind was blank, it refused to come up with anything… and suddenly I thought, TULIPS, they are beautiful flowers, artists across the world have been painting them in different forms and colors. I just decided to use them.. But I didnt hve time for a detailed picture , I just had to draw something abstract, and something which gets over soon, and then,I came up with this!

The above picture would look better if 3D colors were used instead of black acrylic color, but I had ran out of them..I need to refill my 3D color tubes tomorrow after work…

Since I didnt have too much of time with me, I had to keep the card simple… the drawing with a little message completed my card….

And the whole card looked like this:


Note : Never stack your handmade paper in rolls. It becomes very difficult to straighten them especially when you are in a hurry… Always lie them flat…


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