Received a gift today :)

Look what my boyfriend sent me ! These things¬†were shipped by amazon, all the way from US in a beautiful package ūüôā ūüôā …. Guess what you’ll see me googling in the next few¬†days –¬†How to-¬†Charcoal drawings!! And here again I’m aware of the basics, but I wanna know how to use these materials… I loveeee¬†the gift soo much ūüôā

The Left one is square charcoal pastels (a box of 12)…. The one at the right is Royal Langnickel¬†charcoal drawing set which contains charcoal sticks and pencils…I love the right one as I can see a variety of things in it.. I can’t wait to start drawing/painting!!! I’m already googling it parallelly ! ūüôā

Here are the contents of the Drawing set:

These are the contents  of the other box:


14th April, Summer in India!

I’m done with my leaves pattern scarf, I just need to block it.. Will be soon posting pictures of before and after blocking (I have never tried blocking before and hopefully the scarf doesn’t get ruined)…

Since I have very limited knowledge on knitting, I was very confused as how should I be ending the scarf!! and then this video came to my rescue!

Can you believe it, I didn’t know the simple process¬†called binding off!!! Silly me!¬†

Yesterday was an eventful day..¬†¬†I went to the yarn market with my brother in the hot Indian afternoon (since it was my b’day, my brother agreed to come, he hates such places!! :)) … I got 2 varieties of multi colored yarns(I don’t know what they are called, even the person in the store didnt know what its called!!) and one variety of almost grey soft yarn.. I plan to knit socks with the multicolored ones and a hat/skull cap for my brother with the single colored yarn (my brother was very happy to know that I could knit caps, he loves wearing those men caps!!) …I also bought a roll of double colored crochet thread, this is for a doily that was unfinished as I had run out of thread. I plan to finish it off soon….

Felt too lazy to click any pictures today, will post the pictures soon.

Meet my Kitty!!!

Here she is! Miss Kitty ūüôā¬† … An attempt at Amigurumi..end result – something that resembles a cat, something that few people thought was a dog!!! and something that few people couldn’t think of anything to associate¬†with!! ūüôā

Well, I wasn’t discouraged, and , however the baby is, mom always loves it!! and Voila! I love my kitty too ūüôā

Kitty working hard on my laptop… It wanted to write a story about its life, but sadly the keyboard was too huge for it!!!

No one loves me, but I still manage to smile!!!

The Loooooooooooo………nnnnggg weekend!

This was a looong weekend because of Easter!! Though its not our festival, we had a holiday on friday and monday…. Did some shopping on Friday, met my brother on saturday, did some crochet on sunday and some knitting on Monday!!! Yeah! Im back to knitting ! I want to finish that scarf that I started few months can find the original post here —

I’m done with almost 3/4th of the scarf.. I got bored with the leaves pattern at some point and decided to make some modification… I have now done a few rows of garter stitch and then few rows of alternating knit and purl to give it a clean design… Im planning to continue for few more rows and then start the leaf pattern again, thus ensuring the other 1/4th doesnt look out of the way..

The pattern hasn’t come out as neat as expected.. I believe my greatest mistake was using a multi colored yarn, this pattern looks best on a single color yarn!



This is the yarn that I used:


Old memories..cont……

I also found some knitting samples and some painted stuff:

This is embroidery work done on a black cloth, which was supposed to be then stitched as a table cloth. I think the stitch used here is a form of spider wheel (I have very less knowledge about the names given to the stitches)

Anybody interested in learning embroidery,I suggest you visit these blogs..¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† —- the best site for beginners!

This one is a oil painting, done on canvas.. I belive I tried this painting by looking at a pattern from on of the books.. I dont have this painting with me now, just the picture is left behind:

This one is a sample for knitting:

Old memories

When I was back at home, browsing through the old trunk(big box with a lid) filled with stuff from my earlier days, I found a lot of crochet work, some of them unfinished.

With my mom’s shouting fading in the background “don’t start throwing those things away around the room, I want this room neat and clean , blah blah blah…….”, I started clicking pictures of things I had done almost a decade ago….

And hey you people out there who are interested in crochet and are looking out for free crochet patterns and tutorials, this website is an excellent place,its¬†worth a visit¬†——-

This was supposed to be done in green and red threads, but since I was too lazy to go to the store, I used wool in a boring color:


its basically a rose pattern surrounded by green leaves… I ran into this design somewhere on the internet, sadly I don’t have the link to it anymore..




 A pineapple doily:

A hand bag:

A scarf pattern:

This one is done by joining the motifs:

Vinod ji’s last working day at office!!

Well, change is a natural process, people come, people go… It was the last working day of one my colleagues here at office.. I made a card for him and got the whole team to write something in it..


It was already 930 in the night when I decided to make this card…First, my mind was blank, it refused to come up with anything… and suddenly I thought, TULIPS, they are beautiful flowers, artists across the world have been painting them in different forms and colors. I just decided to use them.. But I didnt hve time for a detailed picture , I just had to draw something abstract, and something which gets over soon, and then,I came up with this!

The above picture would look better if 3D colors were used instead of black acrylic color, but I had ran out of them..I need to refill my 3D color tubes tomorrow after work…

Since I didnt have too much of time with me, I had to keep the card simple… the drawing with a little message completed my card….

And the whole card looked like this:


Note : Never stack your handmade paper in rolls. It becomes very difficult to straighten them especially when you are in a hurry… Always lie them flat…