Embroidery on a salwar suit

As wearing jeans is common in the west, wearing salwar suits is common in India. Salwars come with elegant embroidery on them, some embellished with sequins and beads. Any plain cloth can be stitched to form a salwar and beautiful designs can be carved on the cloth using varieties of colorful embroidery threads. Color combination plays an important part in getting the right look for the salwar. There is a whole range of sequins and beads to choose from. So let your creativity just flow…………….

I have been recently working on an indian embroidery project. I got few metres of cloth from the local merchant at the commercial street and got myself a salwar stitched. But it looked way too plain for me, hence I thought of working on it.

I chose to modify the plain neck to a vibrant one. I came up with a design and got it copied onto the salwar using a copying sheet. Then I chose the colors light ping (lighter shade of the salwar) and the contrasting color Black. I chose black sequins and silver beads to help me give a grand look to this salwar. I wanted to turn this into a party wear.

Here is a glimpse at the project.. More pictures will follow.


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