This one doesn’t have a title and doesn’t need one!

India is roaring!

Protests, (peacefully done though) are hitting the streets. Even I took a short break from the rat race and spent some time making myself feel proud.. Freedom Park took us back to 1947, the indepence, the struggle, the satyagraha, it was just wonderful!

All those people who sat at home, and kept convincing themselves that nothing can help stop corruption, go GET A LIFE! ūüėÄ




August! The month that promises so many national holidays, but alas! I don’t get to enjoy any! Working on a holiday is always a pain, the fact that everybody else around you is enjoying their life doing so much more or doing nothing itself is enough to bring in a sense of depression….And yes, I’m depressed ūüė¶

I’m in no mood to work,hence I start browsing the net for anything interesting, and then I come across Pencil Shading!!

Pencil shading is an art that cannot be mastered easily.Though I LOVE experimenting with colors,I like it when a picture emerges out of some calculated pencil strokes.Here¬†is one¬†of my ‘attempts’ at mastering the technique..This is an old picture which I sketched way back in 2008……