Water water everywhere!

Its been raining heavily here in Bangalore, just making it impossible to get out..But inspite of all that I met few of my old hostel mates, had FUN!!! 🙂

Anyways, posting few paintings which were done over the weekend….

View from my terrace (watercolor,ink pen)

Found this one on internet, loved it so much,so even I painted it!. (I have used Poster colors)


Look what I found!

Had been cleaning up my cupboard today and I found this salwar top hidden somewhere beneath the huge pile of clothes..I remember this being my first work of embroidery on a salwar kameez….

I have used multicolor thread and sequins to give a extended look to this otherwise a plain salwar. I had got the material from commercial street and gotten a plain sleveless salwar stitched.Back then I was in hyderabad and had basically nothing to keep me occupied once I got back home from work.This project kept me busy for quite a long time 🙂

The front

The back (I inserted part of the design on the back to give it a classy look)

The border looks like this:

In detail:


Rest of the area consisted of the following motifs scattered across:

The design:

Wanna see the whole project?? Wait till tommorrow ! 🙂

The devil’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Its been quite a loooooong time since I wrote anything here, I had even forgotten that I had a blog! thanks to my boyfriend !

Now that I have decided to bring this blog back to life, let me post the things I have been recently busy with……….

In these past 2 years I have worked on lots of  projects(embroidery,crochet,paper craft,sewing,painting,card making,quilling) but most them have been given away to friends and family as gifts..I’ll be posting the things which are still lying in my cupboard..

This is a painting I made with watercolors, from a tutorial.. It didn’t come out as expected (as usual!!) 🙂

I Even tried mastering the one stroke technique, but its not as easy as it seems..

And I even tried oil painting!!!!!