No, I don’t have a cat, and its not called Molly ( though I would love to someday).

I wasn’t a cat lover. I found the young ones cute, but thats it. That is, until I met my husband. He loves cats, not just because they are cute, but because they are SMART ! He made me change the way I look at cats :) And now, I like cats. :)

I have no idea why I’m talking about cats as this post has nothing to do with them!

My Molly is a beanie ! Yep, the one you wear on your head !




I used Bernat Satin Ombres in Plum Mist Heather . I love the color. Its a bit darker than the picture, Seattle was exceptionally sunny that day!





I will never change…..

Yep, I am what I used to be.

Never going to change.

I promise to keep my blog updated, but I never do!

Well, I’ve been busy, you see…

I got into a Grad school!! YAY!!!! (I’m all excited to go to school again!)

I’m knitting my first sweater. And so far its come out perfect! YAY!! (I’m all excited to be finally able to knit a garment! )

I’m working on getting my Driver’s license. YAY!! ( Thanks to the trip to California, I realized the importance of ability to drive in this country! )

Since I’ll be moving to a ‘colder’ place this fall for my Master’s, I have decided to knit as many warm clothes/accessories as possible. And this is the first completed item from my list – Cowl

I wouldn’t say I chose that color because I love it, but rather, my hands were itching to take up a project and trip to the yarn store was not possible at that hour ( There you go ! disadvantages of not being able to drive! ) So, this was the only color I could work with.

What I love about it ?

Its warm. I’m sure it will be used well.

Fits perfectly without irritating my skin. ( I can never wear turtle necks as it feels really uncomfortable around the neck.)

And, the pattern was fun to make. Who doesn’t love cables!






New tiny little friend…

Have you ever flipped through pages and pages of felt craft books and never could decide on what to make? Well, I had the same problem when I borrowed The Cuter Book from the library. Every little thing in there was beautiful…

After hours of ‘flipping’ I finally decided to make the Panda.




It insisted on clicking more pictures,




The ‘I can stand on one leg’ pose.




The ‘ I can climb’ pose,




Well, it didn’t stop at that, I had to click a lot more pictures :)

I’ll be back here soon with one more guy that I managed to stitch……………



My first quilt

Its been months since I finished my ‘first quilt’, but I never got around to post it here. You can find the previous post about it here.

I had too much problem while doing free motion quilting, and couldn’t keep my lines straight!












A little poem

Wrote this poem sometime back on a windy day ….. :)


Winds hustled, calling out “Hey you! why are you grey”

I peep out the window, startled,
surprised to see wind, not human,
Oh,to the lord I pray!

I say “Oh wind, my lover is away,
I miss him, with all my heart.
Can you take a message?”
“I will, O beautiful one, If you give me a kiss”
I lean out the window, to touch the wind with my red lips.

I kiss the wind, and blow it away,
to reach my lover, far far away.

He is ecstatic, he is thrilled
and amazed that he has a girl who sends wind with kisses filled.

He loves her and so does she
distance never came in between thee!


A bright sunny day!

Seattle’s been pretty dull lately, filled with rainy days. Today, all of a sudden the weather is amazing.

The last time it was sunny, we went to the Kerry park.  To my disappointment, It wasn’t much of a park. But it had an amazing view of Seattle with snow covered Mt Rainier in the background. There were flowers everywhere and the place was spectacular.

Untitled7 Untitled8

Untitled6 Untitled4 Untitled Untitled3 Untitled2




I hope you guys are having a bright and colorful spring  :)

A turtle and an owl can be best friends too!

Quilting requires a lot of work! I tend to take break from heavy projects by working on smaller ones.

Mr turtle or Andy as we lovingly call him was born one day because my husband (Mr A) complained that he didn’t have anyone to listen to his computer-science/programming problems! (I do listen, but…..he needed a better audience :)  )


When Mr A is at work, Andy roams around the house, at his own pace.

IMG_1100 IMG_1092


Since Andy started getting lonely at home, I made him something from scrap fabric to keep him company. Andy loves hanging out with Mr owl when he is not busy listening  to Mr A!




Mr A hates Mr Owl, he says his eyes are scary!!!

IMG_1098 IMG_1093 IMG_1089 IMG_1085